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The Centre offers office, studio and workshop space for the creative industries.

This space is suitable for arts, crafts, design, fashion, media , ceramics, etc. There are varying sized units in a closed  or open environment.



Fuse 1

7 units – size 135sqft - 232sqft.  Closed environment suitable for ceramics, woodturning, crafts etc.

Fuse 2

2 offices – size 165sqft & 242sqft.  Suitable for digital media, design and print, web design etc.

There are also a cluster of open fuse bays – size 100sqft – 176sqft.  Suitable for Activities requiring more natural light such as visual art, textiles, print.

Fuse 3 5 office units - size 294sqft – 516sqft.  These are suitable for digital media sector or any other sector.


 All the above are offered on easy-in, easy-out flexible monthly licences and are all inclusive of rental, business rates, service charge i.e. gas/electricity, telephone provision etc.